Indoor Scorpions


It is difficult at best to locate scorpions inside a house.  There are few basic things to remember...

1.  If scorpions are in your house, they probably got there looking for food. Unfortunately, they can go months without food, so they won't just go away.

2.  They prefer dark areas like under furniture, behind appliances, in closets, etc.  When in these dark areas, they will prefer to find a corner someplace, or find a sandal, shoe, slipper, etc.

3.  You might find a scorpion in a tub or a sink and think that they crawled up a drain.  Scorpions do not live in drains.  Bark scorpions can climb up walls and even climb on ceilings, but they do fall onto beds, into children's cribs, onto bathroom sinks, and into bath tubs from time to time.  The slick sides of a tub or sink do not provide enough friction for the scorpion to grip, so people often find them trapped there when they fall in and just assume they crawled out of a drain.

4.  Using a black light can be dangerous, especially indoors.  The UV radiation of a black light can make a scorpion glow in the dark, so many people purchase a black light and go hunting. The light reflecting off of mirrors, glass, tile, and other surfaces will not sting like a scorpion, but the long term health of your eyes or the eyes of your family members could be in jeopardy if you do it often.  If you want to do your own black light hunting for scorpions without protective UV goggles, go for it at your own risk.  But, just like the person who sends text messages while they are driving, eventually your luck will run out and you will probably end up hurting yourself or hurting others.
Go online and spend $10 for some protective UV goggles.

5.  Even if you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to seal your house, scorpions can still get inside when you go out to get the mail, let your dog out, go out to the pool, play in the backyard, etc. 

6.  The best way to keep scorpions out of your home is to kill them outside.  Do the math.  A single pregnant scorpion can have over 100 baby scorpions.  Dead scorpions can't get into your home and dead scorpions can't reproduce.

I can help your family get rid of scorpions.  If you like, I can come out and educate your entire family with a Scorpion 101 class.  Or, if you prefer, I can swing by your house at a time that is good for you, hunt down and kill all scorpions, and email you a report.  Give me a call at 480-307-4804 or email me at, and let me get scorpions out of your life.

The Scorpion Equalizer,