Just because someone can go down to Wal-Mart and purchase a fishing pole, that alone will not catch them a fish. If someone goes to Home Depot and purchases a hammer, does that make them a carpenter? If a person takes a hose and puts out a fire, does that make them a fireman?

The point is this... People can purchase a black light and try to go out and hunt scorpions and for most of them, they will find a scorpion or two.  At least for a few nights a week they will continue hunting and they probably will talk about it the next day at work. But then, a funny thing happens. Just like a new gym membership, people get busy, people get lazy, and ultimately people lose focus on the whole reason why they purchased a black light.

So, instead of reading this on the internet, get up, get your black light, and go outside and get scorpions before they get inside and get you or your family.

Here's a thought... Next commercial break, do not go to the refrigerator, and do not go to the bathroom.  Get out your black light and spend two minutes checking outside quickly for scorpions.  Then in 15 minutes, do it again.  15 minutes later do it again. You will be shocked what you find outside that previously you were missing, and your family will love you for protecting them!

Remember, just like losing weight, you need to be consistent if you want to lose scorpions.

The Scorpion Equalizer, www.thescorpionequalizer.com