Are your kids enjoying summer camp?

Many Phoenix children have been off to camp in June and are now home for the 4th of July break when most camps are gearing up for July camps.

As you might know, I am all about scorpion prevention and getting scorpions BEFORE they get you. So what does this have to do with summer camps? Is The Scorpion Equalizer going to go to kids camps and hunt for scorpions? Great question. The answer is no, and that's not why I'm writing this. And, no, this is not about a scorpion hitchhiking it's way into your house as your child returns home from camp.

If your youngster has been at camp, it usually means that nobody has been anywhere near their bedroom. Parent's have a lot to do during the summer and we generally all struggle with the question, "Should I clean my child's room for them, or let them learn to clean it themselves?"

So what I am getting at, is this...

Cluttered, messy rooms are great places for scorpions to hide. Scorpions freak out when there is a lot of activity near by, so a vacant cluttered room for a week while your child is at camp, would be a great place for a mommy scorpion to get out of the 118 degree Phoenix heat and set up a maternity ward in your child's bedroom. So, if you have ever had any scorpions in your house, now is the most likely time that 3 dozen tiny scorpions could be sitting on the back of their mother on the wall of your child's bedroom.

Here's another dose of reality...

Hunting scorpions in April when the temperatures are in the 60's can be fun and exciting as you occasionally find a scorpion or two. However, in July, when the 11pm temperatures are 105 and you are watching Netflix and don't feel like scorpion hunting outside, who is going to protect your family from scorpions?

Spending several hours in a hospital emergency ward is not fun or cheap and more and more parents are needing to take their kids to ER due to scorpion stings. Be proactive! Get scorpions BEFORE they get you. Get off your butts and deal with the hot weather for a few minutes once in a while to control scorpion population before you end up spending several hours and several thousands of dollars at the hospital.

Or, have The Scorpion Equalizer help you reduce the chances that your family will encounter scorpions inside your home.

The Scorpion Equalizer,